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Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feedback? Flames? Just want to talk?

The best way is email; the domain is jstump.com and the mailbox name is stump. (Spam-harvesters be gone!) I use gpg, so if you want to send me encrypted email or verify my signatures, you can obtain my key (ID 9C121F46, fingerprint C25D 9D2F F3F1 3D72 ADEB D54C F1DB 6C38 9C12 1F46) from keys.gnupg.net or pgp.acm.jhu.edu.

Or use gmail chat; my username is john.stumpo. (I do check the corresponding email address too, but I would prefer the jstump.com address.)

I also frequent the Freenode and OFTC IRC networks (among others). My nick on both is, as you might expect, stump. If I'm on but not responding, I'm probably not connected to my quassel core.

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